2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Let's have a look back over the year of street art around the arts quarter it certainly has been a very interesting ride so here is a quick timeline of events Feb 15th-Feme fierce works were created 30 works in total see my 2 part post here and here Feb 22nd & 23rd-feme fierce works … Continue reading 2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Croydon Fruit & Veg

Moran Davy - Fruit & Veg Stall - E. Croydon Station

Bumped into Morgan Davy @morganizms at East Croydon station Tuesday night painting the fruit and veg stand. Not only is he a talented artist but also a gentleman. Make sure you check out the Fruit and Veg stand right next-door to East Croydon Station as every side has a different mural by a different artist, updating … Continue reading Croydon Fruit & Veg

Gone But Not Forgotten

Reports of Katherine House entrances being used by rough sleepers have resulted in the covering up of two murals one by Morgazmik (Morgan Davy) and Eska Art lets hope someone uses this chance (with permission) to create some new exciting murals before the taggers do! New artwork on Katharine House appeared over the weekend along with … Continue reading Gone But Not Forgotten