New Art Thursday showcase #1

Over the course of November the 12th not one but 3 new works where placed in park street and Katherine street First up Rich Simmons So how do you top your previous work in Croydon? well you go bigger and have a glamorous assistant helping. When I spoke to Rich yesterday he quoted to me … Continue reading New Art Thursday showcase #1

Daniel MacCarthy

Daniel MacCarthy - Jubilee Underpass Croydon

Daniel McCarthy's mural can be found on the Jubilee Bridge underpass at Reeves Corner. Organised by Sustrans Pocket Places - a project that works with the local community to improve the area and actively encourages more walking and cycling. The idea for the mural came from the local community who were actively involved with ideas, the … Continue reading Daniel MacCarthy

Mr Cenz

Mr Cenz

Mr. Cenz (Julian Phethean) has been a Graffiti Writer since he was 10 years old, getting his first commission at the age of 11! Inspired by the graffiti writers bible "Subway Art" first published in 1984, it is this book (for many like Julian during the 80's) the introduction into graffiti art and the hip-hop culture associated with the scene in New York … Continue reading Mr Cenz

St George’s Walk Legal walls R.I.P

What once was a riot of colour is now grey walls again in St Georges walk let's have a look at some of my favourites over the last 6 months. a new legal wall is being organised soon over on the saffron house hordings according to All City's Instagram feed I do hope this happens … Continue reading St George’s Walk Legal walls R.I.P


artby_jarvis - St Georges Walk

  Artby_jarvis has done two murals situated only a few feet apart along the Arts Quarter. His unusual portraits, usually surrounded by tags that are more reminiscent of Egyption iconography that also adorn the heads like tattoos. The 'alien' above is also looking up perhaps to his celestial brethren. To find out more about artby_jarvis … Continue reading artby_jarvis

Croydon Fruit & Veg

Moran Davy - Fruit & Veg Stall - E. Croydon Station

Bumped into Morgan Davy @morganizms at East Croydon station Tuesday night painting the fruit and veg stand. Not only is he a talented artist but also a gentleman. Make sure you check out the Fruit and Veg stand right next-door to East Croydon Station as every side has a different mural by a different artist, updating … Continue reading Croydon Fruit & Veg

Arts Quarter Legal Wall

Elmer Fudd & Donald Duck - Haz

Legal Wall Showcase Now seems like a good right time for a showcase of the murals & tags that appeared on the Legal Wall, an area set aside for all comers to demonstrate and advertise their skill with a can of spray paint. It was also a peace-keeper after the Femme Fierce murals were vandalised at … Continue reading Arts Quarter Legal Wall

Enrico Cornuda

Enrico Cornuda - Completed Mural

Painting in the Arts Quarter this week is Italian surrealist painter/illustrator Enrico Cornuda, invited by Morgan Davy during a rainy afternoon. He quickly set about chalking the outline for his mural using his sketchbook as reference, which he very generously showed me. Amongst the pages of Enrico's sketchbook a theme of dream, nightmarish characters in … Continue reading Enrico Cornuda


Dotmaster - Astro Boy

Dotmaster has been painting two murals on Davis House rooftop in Croydon which has been organised by Rise Gallery as part of the Croydon Mural Project. The first completed mural sits pride of place overlooking Croydon High Street. It's colourful, bright and can't be missed as you approach the High Street from South End. The juxtaposition of grey sky and … Continue reading Dotmaster