Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Art+Believe Surrey Street Market

As part of the Surrey Street Market regeneration Art+Believe were commissioned to bring some colour to the makeover and on Saturday 24th June they delivered their unmistakable vibrant colourful abstract tribal shapes and colours. Art+Believe are a UK based collective of artists who specialise in bringing forgotten communal spaces to life - looking at the results … Continue reading Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Giacomo Run

Giacomo Run - Surrey Street Market

What a nice surprise to find Giacomo Run painting on Surrey Street Market this evening finishing up his huge bookshelf mural. You will find it underneath the footbridge that connects the High Street and Grants Car Park it isn't the most hospitable of locations but reward for the urban explorer or passing inquisitive shopper. One … Continue reading Giacomo Run

Vesna Parchet

Vesna Parchet - Surrey Street Market

Vesna Parchet was in Croydon painting next door to Matthews yard. Her dark grungy characters can also be enjoyed at the old night club Blu Orchid at the east end of St Georges Walk as part of a collaborative mural with Morgandyart and Autone. Both are well worth a trip. Vesna Parchet’s work revolves around themes … Continue reading Vesna Parchet

Vesna Parchet & Morgandyart

Surrey Street Market welcomed Vesna Parchet and Morgandyart today. Vesna painting a mural next door to Matthews Yard and Morgandyart being encouraged, by a new retro clothes stall owner eager to impress the passing shoppers with her eclectic vintage style. Vesna adding her unique grungy style and characters to Surrey Street Market. The artists, painting … Continue reading Vesna Parchet & Morgandyart