Any Colour You Like Paint Jam

Over the course of the weekend (Feb 11th-12th) almost all of the Current street art was changed.  A paint jam that was organised by Rise Gallery and London_Calling_Blog (a excellent blog depicting not just Croydon but other street art from around London) about 32 works were created in freezing conditions (even snow!) some of which … Continue reading Any Colour You Like Paint Jam

New Art Update #2

You know the saying "you wait for one bus and three come along" well let's apply that saying to street art around croydon recently the last 2 weekends have seen updates galore First up Artista: Her Femme Fierce piece in park street was undisturbed for over a year until about a week ago when it … Continue reading New Art Update #2

2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Let's have a look back over the year of street art around the arts quarter it certainly has been a very interesting ride so here is a quick timeline of events Feb 15th-Feme fierce works were created 30 works in total see my 2 part post here and here Feb 22nd & 23rd-feme fierce works … Continue reading 2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is painting in Croydon today along Park Street. This is his second mural (see his Be You Tiful mural below) also along Park Street.   The Rich Simmons mural along Park Street is based on one of his canvases "Word Search / Just Be You Tiful", completed over 2 days he has used stencils & … Continue reading Rich Simmons

Tegan Desporte – Untitled Acrylic

Tegan Desporte - Untitled Acrylic-2

Tegan Desporte's "Untitled Acrylic" sits along Park Street nestled between Dan Kitcheners "Liquid Lights" mural & Argentina's Fio Silva's "Rattlesnake" her simple geometrical shapes and stripes are very vivid and strong but easily missed next to its larger neighbours. It is a fine example of her distinctive style that conveys a misleading simplicity that requires precise graphic perfectionism … Continue reading Tegan Desporte – Untitled Acrylic

Before & After

Dan Kitchener - Park Street

Since the creation of the Arts Quarter the transformation on street level has been nothing short of outstanding and created a lot of public and media attention for artists and organisers alike. Some fun can be had by using Google Street View around Park Street, Katherine Street and the roads that surround St. Georges Walk … Continue reading Before & After

Giusi Tomasello

A mural painted by Giusi Tomasello called Athena situated half way along Park Street and part of the Arts Quarter (St. Georges Walk) one of the more illustrative murals and incredibly striking. It stands out amongst the hoarding found all the way along this stretch of road which features many of the larger murals. Giusi has been … Continue reading Giusi Tomasello