New Dan Kitchener work

A new work has appeared yesterday courtesy of Dan Kitchener in preparation for the Pearl Izumi Tour Series return to Croydon which is a massive 136ft long a record wall space for Dan. This incredible work was completed in one day a task made not for the faint hearted. This is the latest in the … Continue reading New Dan Kitchener work

2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Let's have a look back over the year of street art around the arts quarter it certainly has been a very interesting ride so here is a quick timeline of events Feb 15th-Feme fierce works were created 30 works in total see my 2 part post here and here Feb 22nd & 23rd-feme fierce works … Continue reading 2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

St George’s Walk Legal walls R.I.P

What once was a riot of colour is now grey walls again in St Georges walk let's have a look at some of my favourites over the last 6 months. a new legal wall is being organised soon over on the saffron house hordings according to All City's Instagram feed I do hope this happens … Continue reading St George’s Walk Legal walls R.I.P

Arts Quarter Legal Wall

Elmer Fudd & Donald Duck - Haz

Legal Wall Showcase Now seems like a good right time for a showcase of the murals & tags that appeared on the Legal Wall, an area set aside for all comers to demonstrate and advertise their skill with a can of spray paint. It was also a peace-keeper after the Femme Fierce murals were vandalised at … Continue reading Arts Quarter Legal Wall

All City – London Take-Over?

Over the weekend I think All City London must have organised some kind of take-over as the Legal Wall St. Georges Walk (Arts Quarter) and on the recently empty hoarding along the front of the Nestle Building has been been covered in new Graffiti, more pics to follow and I will try and identify some … Continue reading All City – London Take-Over?

Arts Quarter Rules


The newly established "Arts Quarter" in Croydon (St. Georges Walk) is still very much in its infancy - compared to the more established campaigns like this one in Melbourne Australia - and as the vandalism of the Femme Fierce take-over in February 2015 proved rules can be an important part for a public space shared by the … Continue reading Arts Quarter Rules