New Art Thursday showcase #1

Over the course of November the 12th not one but 3 new works where placed in park street and Katherine street First up Rich Simmons So how do you top your previous work in Croydon? well you go bigger and have a glamorous assistant helping. When I spoke to Rich yesterday he quoted to me … Continue reading New Art Thursday showcase #1

Mr Cenz

Mr Cenz

Mr. Cenz (Julian Phethean) has been a Graffiti Writer since he was 10 years old, getting his first commission at the age of 11! Inspired by the graffiti writers bible "Subway Art" first published in 1984, it is this book (for many like Julian during the 80's) the introduction into graffiti art and the hip-hop culture associated with the scene in New York … Continue reading Mr Cenz

Time for another take-over?

Suddenly the Arts Quarter has fresh hoarding as Croydon Council move on some rough sleepers - hopefully to better sheltered conditions - around St Georges Walk and inadvertently create a fresh surface for the Street Artist, time for another take-over..? If you do happen to find a rough sleeper in Croydon please contact Croydon Reach a … Continue reading Time for another take-over?

Gone But Not Forgotten

Reports of Katherine House entrances being used by rough sleepers have resulted in the covering up of two murals one by Morgazmik (Morgan Davy) and Eska Art lets hope someone uses this chance (with permission) to create some new exciting murals before the taggers do! New artwork on Katharine House appeared over the weekend along with … Continue reading Gone But Not Forgotten

Morgan Davy

Morgazmik - Morgan Davy

A talented and prolific illustrator and artist from Croydon, Morgan Davy has done some exceptional murals around St. Georges Walk the "Arts Quarter". The mural below can - as of 06.11.2015 - be found at Croydon Fruit & Veg (next-door to East Croydon Station) and is a good example of his naturally intuitive instinct for form and … Continue reading Morgan Davy