Any Colour You Like Paint Jam

Over the course of the weekend (Feb 11th-12th) almost all of the Current street art was changed.  A paint jam that was organised by Rise Gallery and London_Calling_Blog (a excellent blog depicting not just Croydon but other street art from around London) about 32 works were created in freezing conditions (even snow!) some of which … Continue reading Any Colour You Like Paint Jam


artby_jarvis - St Georges Walk

  Artby_jarvis has done two murals situated only a few feet apart along the Arts Quarter. His unusual portraits, usually surrounded by tags that are more reminiscent of Egyption iconography that also adorn the heads like tattoos. The 'alien' above is also looking up perhaps to his celestial brethren. To find out more about artby_jarvis … Continue reading artby_jarvis

Illustre Feccia

Painted on Saturday on Katharine Street by Italian artist Illustre Feccia (Illustrious Scum) whose signature is Black & White surrealism and inspired by the Avant Garde, Romantics & Post Punk cultures (according to his bio found here). I love using black and white with a base colour underneath. The mural based on sketches and the theme Life … Continue reading Illustre Feccia

Time for another take-over?

Suddenly the Arts Quarter has fresh hoarding as Croydon Council move on some rough sleepers - hopefully to better sheltered conditions - around St Georges Walk and inadvertently create a fresh surface for the Street Artist, time for another take-over..? If you do happen to find a rough sleeper in Croydon please contact Croydon Reach a … Continue reading Time for another take-over?