BareFace LAID BARE exhibition Art Rebellion

Last night we headed out of Central Croydon - and the familiarity of the colourful empty shops and hoardings of the Arts Quarter - to a little town called Coulsdon for the opening night of LAID BARE, Bareface's solo exhibition. George Ioannou's Art Rebellion gallery and coffee shop are hosting BareFace's LAID BARE exhibition, showcasing a collection his of … Continue reading BareFace LAID BARE exhibition Art Rebellion

Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

Boy Soldier Surrey Street Market

As part of the Councils controversial regeneration of Surrey Street Market a Schoony "Boy Soldier" has been commissioned and can be found on a restored brick wall towards the South End entrance to Surrey Street Market, opposite the stairs that lead to the Arcade and St. Georges Walk. The bright blue "Boy Soldier" installation looks … Continue reading Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Art+Believe Surrey Street Market

As part of the Surrey Street Market regeneration Art+Believe were commissioned to bring some colour to the makeover and on Saturday 24th June they delivered their unmistakable vibrant colourful abstract tribal shapes and colours. Art+Believe are a UK based collective of artists who specialise in bringing forgotten communal spaces to life - looking at the results … Continue reading Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Any Colour You Like Paint Jam

Over the course of the weekend (Feb 11th-12th) almost all of the Current street art was changed.  A paint jam that was organised by Rise Gallery and London_Calling_Blog (a excellent blog depicting not just Croydon but other street art from around London) about 32 works were created in freezing conditions (even snow!) some of which … Continue reading Any Colour You Like Paint Jam

New Dan Kitchener work

A new work has appeared yesterday courtesy of Dan Kitchener in preparation for the Pearl Izumi Tour Series return to Croydon which is a massive 136ft long a record wall space for Dan. This incredible work was completed in one day a task made not for the faint hearted. This is the latest in the … Continue reading New Dan Kitchener work

New Art Update #2

You know the saying "you wait for one bus and three come along" well let's apply that saying to street art around croydon recently the last 2 weekends have seen updates galore First up Artista: Her Femme Fierce piece in park street was undisturbed for over a year until about a week ago when it … Continue reading New Art Update #2

2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Let's have a look back over the year of street art around the arts quarter it certainly has been a very interesting ride so here is a quick timeline of events Feb 15th-Feme fierce works were created 30 works in total see my 2 part post here and here Feb 22nd & 23rd-feme fierce works … Continue reading 2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Vesna Parchet & Morgandyart

Surrey Street Market welcomed Vesna Parchet and Morgandyart today. Vesna painting a mural next door to Matthews Yard and Morgandyart being encouraged, by a new retro clothes stall owner eager to impress the passing shoppers with her eclectic vintage style. Vesna adding her unique grungy style and characters to Surrey Street Market. The artists, painting … Continue reading Vesna Parchet & Morgandyart