BareFace LAID BARE exhibition Art Rebellion

Last night we headed out of Central Croydon - and the familiarity of the colourful empty shops and hoardings of the Arts Quarter - to a little town called Coulsdon for the opening night of LAID BARE, Bareface's solo exhibition. George Ioannou's Art Rebellion gallery and coffee shop are hosting BareFace's LAID BARE exhibition, showcasing a collection his of … Continue reading BareFace LAID BARE exhibition Art Rebellion

Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

Boy Soldier Surrey Street Market

As part of the Councils controversial regeneration of Surrey Street Market a Schoony "Boy Soldier" has been commissioned and can be found on a restored brick wall towards the South End entrance to Surrey Street Market, opposite the stairs that lead to the Arcade and St. Georges Walk. The bright blue "Boy Soldier" installation looks … Continue reading Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Art+Believe Surrey Street Market

As part of the Surrey Street Market regeneration Art+Believe were commissioned to bring some colour to the makeover and on Saturday 24th June they delivered their unmistakable vibrant colourful abstract tribal shapes and colours. Art+Believe are a UK based collective of artists who specialise in bringing forgotten communal spaces to life - looking at the results … Continue reading Art + Believe takeover Surrey Street Market

Legal Graffiti Wall No. 2

Legal Graffiti Wall and Bernard Weatherill

Croydon's second Legal Graffiti Wall has proved popular with local writers and is updated on a regular basis. Many local experienced writers and taggers have made their mark and lesser skilled writers have used it to practice and hone their can skills. Without the fear of being fined, arrested or community interference it has evolved to be a mixed bag … Continue reading Legal Graffiti Wall No. 2

Ben Eine

Ben Eine has been busy painting in Croydon this week on the walls of Green Dragon House, on the South End of Surrey Street Market on the High Street. The old office building is currently being converted into flats and is covered in scaffolding, 10 stories high, perfect for Eines' huge circus font. The mural will kit off … Continue reading Ben Eine

Giacomo Run

Giacomo Run - Surrey Street Market

What a nice surprise to find Giacomo Run painting on Surrey Street Market this evening finishing up his huge bookshelf mural. You will find it underneath the footbridge that connects the High Street and Grants Car Park it isn't the most hospitable of locations but reward for the urban explorer or passing inquisitive shopper. One … Continue reading Giacomo Run

AUTONE – Blue Orchid collaboration

Autone Tag Croydon

AUTONE was in Croydon last night adding to the Blue Orchid collaboration of Ves (Vesna Parchet) & Morgazmik (Morgan Davy) Minesweeper Collective mural. AUTONE is a Polish street artist who paints graphic lines & abstract shapes some of which are reminiscent of maps & cartography. His addition to the mural is seamless and the perfect accompaniment to … Continue reading AUTONE – Blue Orchid collaboration


Joefur (Joseph Furlong) is an artist, illustrator, co-founder and co-director of the Minesweeper Collective. He also co-runs the Undercurrents Gallery in Deptford, South East London. Currently perfecting freehand line drawing and live art performance at Matthews Yard painting the entrance with a highly illustrative, surrealist (and industrialist) mural. Impressively freestyle without guides or preliminary sketching! Joefur admits to … Continue reading Joefur