This site is in homage to all Street Art & Graffiti in the Croydon area and has been inspired by the actions of Rise Gallery owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, and the contributors of the newly created “Arts Quarter” around St. Georges Walk on the High Street.

We started photographing the new murals and chatting to the elusive artists and realised there was no central hub to showcase their efforts.


We didn’t want to be just a spectator and lack the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the empty shop fronts and boards that have been allocated to the cause of infusing this empty (verging on derelict) section of the high street with vibrancy, colour & creativity.

Having missed the take-over in February 2015 by Femme Fierce I started reading more and more about a Croydon wide initiative to bring creativity to the wind tunnel forgotten shopping promenade and beyond.

This site in no way endorses all forms of graffiti, as it’s still mentioned in the same breath as vandalism and with all campaigns there are ups and downs: a good example is the weeks after Femme Fierce completed their take-over of St. Georges Walk the local “taggers” defaced the murals and jeopardised the months of lobbying Croydon Council, land owner Minerva and Legal & General that Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison had persevered with.

“I don’t know what to do? It took 18 months to get this secured. I’ve worked so hard to persuade the landowners and to get the council’s endorsement, in the hope of trying to change people’s perception of Croydon.”

Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison (Croydon Advertiser)

We endeavour to capture the changing 64 sections that have been allocated along St. Georges Walk. Although the campaign has rules for all the artists to follow a knock-on effect is other graffiti artists liberating any surface for their own unique message. I look forward to seeing how the space changes as the campaign gathers attention (or notoriety).

We welcome any contributions even if it’s a tip off for the latest Banksy (fake or otherwise).

Check back soon to see the latest murals or follow & like us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ so you don’t miss a thing!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sooooo pleased to see a street art blog on Croydon… I have been down a couple of times in the past year and it’s great to find some info on the street art around Croydon!!! Really well designed blog with lots of quality photos.. I wonder if the squirrels by Chinagirl Tile will still be there on my next visit???


    1. Hi Mitch thanks for coming down, and your kind words. Creating this blog is the least we could do as a thank you to all the exceptionally talented Street Artists who come to Croydon and showcase their skill and style!


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