Dotmaster has been painting two murals on Davis House rooftop in Croydon which has been organised by Rise Gallery as part of the Croydon Mural Project. The first completed mural sits pride of place overlooking Croydon High Street. It’s colourful, bright and can’t be missed as you approach the High Street from South End. The juxtaposition of grey sky and … Continue reading Dotmaster


This site is in homage to all Street Art & Graffiti in the Croydon area and has been inspired by the actions of Rise Gallery owner Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, and the contributors of the newly created “Arts Quarter” around St. Georges Walk on the High Street. We started photographing the new murals and chatting to the elusive artists and … Continue reading About

2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Let’s have a look back over the year of street art around the arts quarter it certainly has been a very interesting ride so here is a quick timeline of events Feb 15th-Feme fierce works were created 30 works in total see my 2 part post here and here Feb 22nd & 23rd-feme fierce works … Continue reading 2015 a year that Croydon fell in love with art

Future ‘truce’ with Croydon Arts Quarter?

UPDATE: AllCity London help with the repair of the Dotmaster mural and artist pictured in the Croydon Advertiser & Croydon Guardian has no affiliation with KC. Morgandyart A correction from the Croydon Advertiser & Croydon Guardian will be forth coming, according to Daniel O’Mahony & Gareth Davies in order to prevent an innocent gesture of good will leading to … Continue reading Future ‘truce’ with Croydon Arts Quarter?