Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

Boy Soldier Surrey Street Market

As part of the Councils controversial regeneration of Surrey Street Market a Schoony “Boy Soldier” has been commissioned and can be found on a restored brick wall towards the South End entrance to Surrey Street Market, opposite the stairs that lead to the Arcade and St. Georges Walk.

The bright blue “Boy Soldier” installation looks impressively domineering appearing to rise through the brick and is a welcome addition to the market, the regeneration has had mixed reviews from stallholders and the public.

Schoony’s background is in prosthetics and special effects – where his career spans over twenty-five years. To find out more about the artist and his work take a look at his website

One thought on “Schoony – Boy Soldier – Surrey Street Market

  1. Some years ago I visited Croydon and was amazed that someone had allowed several buildings to be lit up with vivid colours at night. This new art isn’t controversial – it’s just what Croydon needs! Loving the graff and scultpures popping up around Croydon – keep it coming!


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