Boxpark Croydon Opens for the VIP treatment

boxpark croydon entrance sign

Boxpark Croydon was a full on food and music fest for the opening VIP launch event, 26th October 2016 and we were lucky enough to receive an invite.


The culinary spread laid before us was full of surprises and all delighted the taste buds.

The menu included treats like: beef and spring onion dumplings served by MAMALAN, corn fritters from MUD, classic pork gua bao by BAO BAO, smoked beef rib tostadas prepared by CHILANGO and much much more.

If last nights comprehensive menu is a flavour of what’s to come, then optimism must be high for what many still think of as an experiment.
The impermanence of the shipping containers is a constant reminder that Boxpark is made from a moveable object designed to get products and produce from A to B, and now C – a capital C for CROYDON.


One of the evenings highlights was bumping into the hugely talented JOEFUR – so busy painting The Cronx brewery’s container that he was unaware of the free cuisine on offer. We can’t wait to see his latest black and white mural. His style is certainly the perfect fit for The Cronx.

Accompanied by a mixture of acoustic singer song-writers, the conversation, food and alcohol all flowed easily to create a memorable and enjoyable evening. We hope the experiment works and works with Croydon’s independent traders, pop-ups and others to encourage growth, investment and positive press for a borough that has had its fair share of negativity.

So far the biggest surprise was the food centricity of the pop-ups. We managed a wander round the Park and it was all food and drink, from what we tasted all exceptional! But will the units diversify to include other kinds of retail outlets?

“This is the first time I’ve seen the Boxpark fulland it looks wonderful”
Councillor Trakas-Lawlor

Hopefully in time Boxpark CROYDON will attract a more eclectic mix of major brands, pop-ups and local independents. Lead by Boxpark’s CEO Roger Wade we are sure it will have a positive influence and attract the right kind of attention. Perhaps it will help make Croydon the cultural capital of South London.


What the future holds for Boxpark in Croydon only time will tell, is this just one more step toward the gentrification of a hugely diverse and important part of Greater London?

Thank you Boxpark for coming to Croydon we hope your stay is as fun and successful as your opening night.

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