Ben Eine

Ben Eine has been busy painting in Croydon this week on the walls of Green Dragon House, on the South End of Surrey Street Market on the High Street. The old office building is currently being converted into flats and is covered in scaffolding, 10 stories high, perfect for Eines’ huge circus font.

The mural will kit off phase two of the Croydon Mural Project and spell out the word ‘mesmerising’.

The campaign was started by Dotmasters huge Toy Town murals on Davis House, opposite the Green Dragon House. The Dotmaster mural was also supported by Rise Gallery and Attollo Fine Arts with permission from the buildings owner and developer Inspired Homes.

Ben Eine - Green Dragon House
Ben Eine – Green Dragon House

To find out more about the artist check out his Instagram account here @einesigns and to also start following the Croydon Mural Project keep your eye on their Twitter account as Kevin has informed me that this mural will kick off the next phase of the project, bigger is better! You can find it here @CroydonMural.

The developers have given a schedule of 2 weeks for the removal of the scaffolding and will hopefully mean we can easily see the mural from Surrey Street Market and beyond.

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