New Art Update #2

You know the saying “you wait for one bus and three come along” well let’s apply that saying to street art around croydon recently the last 2 weekends have seen updates galore

First up Artista: Her Femme Fierce piece in park street was undisturbed for over a year until about a week ago when it had pink marker put over it (maybe the person who did it wanted a change)

Artista’s piece before

 Artista’s Piece after
I love the very freaky if not cool owl according to Instagram she said “I wanted to try something new” look at both pictures and see what has changed 😉
Also she has done another not to long ago one on Ellis house covering over Jarvis’s Work

And the other only done yesterday on Mother’s Day on the fruit and veg stall

Next up Oliver Roubieu

An artist I have been following all over London via instagram with graffiti spelling out London  and Croydon (if you look hard enough) With a trademark woman in the middle with his signature paint spill over the face this has replaced Adam green’s Art Deco piece.

Next up Autone1 & itaewon_myl

Near to segas house is these two very simple black and white abstract pieces

Next Up Artgod

You will find this in park street before Juse’s ones love art a very simple piece

Next James Oliver

Only slightly retweaking the wall adding what he likes to call a pair of planets (we all know what they are really)

So there we are with the recent updates hope you enjoyed them

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