AUTONE – Blue Orchid collaboration

Autone Tag Croydon

AUTONE was in Croydon last night adding to the Blue Orchid collaboration of Ves (Vesna Parchet) & Morgazmik (Morgan Davy) Minesweeper Collective mural.

AUTONE is a Polish street artist who paints graphic lines & abstract shapes some of which are reminiscent of maps & cartography. His addition to the mural is seamless and the perfect accompaniment to Morgan’s improvised free-flowing organic swirls and Vesna’s grungy, muted colours & characters. As the East-side entrance to Croydon’s Arts Quarter it encourages you to stop, look and beckons you to explore further around St. Georges Walks windy promenade.

Autone Mural Croydon
Autone Mural Croydon
To find out more about the artist AUTONE please follow these links:

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