Joefur (Joseph Furlong) is an artist, illustrator, co-founder and co-director of the Minesweeper Collective. He also co-runs the Undercurrents Gallery in Deptford, South East London. Currently perfecting freehand line drawing and live art performance at Matthews Yard painting the entrance with a highly illustrative, surrealist (and industrialist) mural. Impressively freestyle without guides or preliminary sketching!


Joefur admits to being a traditionalist preferring to use paint and traditional techniques evident from the hatching detail from the Matthews Yard entrance mural.

Hatching is an ink drawing technique where you apply tone and texture in rows of parallel lines.

The mural takes one corner of the alcove at Matthews Yard entrance and is opposite the tyre totem pole from local artist Carlos Cashiero aka Tribaleyez. With the gallery in Matthews Yard and these additions it has become a cultural hotspot for all.

Exploring the mural reveals a heart beating out black smoke/smog that transforms into a town/city scape, could be Croydon? To the right of the heart is a giant ear with dripping pipes leading to controls and valves.

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