Vesna Parchet

Vesna Parchet - Surrey Street Market

Vesna Parchet was in Croydon painting next door to Matthews yard.

Her dark grungy characters can also be enjoyed at the old night club Blu Orchid at the east end of St Georges Walk as part of a collaborative mural with Morgandyart and Autone. Both are well worth a trip.

Vesna Parchet - Surrey Street Market
Vesna Parchet – Surrey Street Market

Vesna Parchet’s work revolves around themes such as growth/transformation, conscious/subconscious, real/abstract, fusing imagery from personal experiences with magazines and newspapers cut-outs in order to explore the complexity of the human form and the body as a convoluted entity. Her primary influences are Abstract Expressionism, Outsider Art and Japanese culture. Vesna works in a variety of mediums ranging from painting, printmaking, photography to collage art and her work has been shown around London, Europe, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Vesna Parchet - Rescued Mural
Vesna Parchet – Rescued Mural

Rescued by Morgandyart & Joefur from being thrown away as the owners install a new shop front and doors. Hopefully a new home will be found.

To find out more the artist visit

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