Enrico Cornuda

Enrico Cornuda - Completed Mural

Painting in the Arts Quarter this week is Italian surrealist painter/illustrator Enrico Cornuda, invited by Morgan Davy during a rainy afternoon. He quickly set about chalking the outline for his mural using his sketchbook as reference, which he very generously showed me.

Amongst the pages of Enrico’s sketchbook a theme of dream, nightmarish characters in various stages of life & death were revealed, some coloured in bright day-glo colours, others black & white half finished ideas for future development or to inspire future surrealist cartoons.

The mural he was busily sketching when I arrived is an excellent example of his unique imagination that he has developed in places as far as India and – not so far away – Deptford, as one of the directors at the Minesweeper Collective.

Enrico Cornuda - Sketchbook
Enrico Cornuda – Sketchbook

I asked Enrico for a name or meaning to his mural but he was justifiably illusive and perhaps that is the point, his illustrations are open to interpretation. Above for example it appears as if the female figure is being disembodied, a skull is breaking through her right thigh and something has entirely removed her midriff. However her right hand is reaching out and literally linking with the creature that is apparently consuming her. When written it sounds like a freakish nightmare but upon viewing, the bright colours & free flowing abstract shapes become more intriguing than frightening and perhaps it is not a brutal attack but an intense embrace between lovers? Whatever the meaning the finished mural will be a welcomed edition to Croydon’s Arts Quarter, thank you Enrico for being generous with your time and painting in Croydon.

Enrico Cornuda - Painting Mural
Enrico Cornuda – Painting Mural

Preferring to use paint and brush rather than spray paint, Enrico quickly built up layers of paint and gradually added tone and detail to his enthralling mural.

Enrico Cornuda - Minesweeper Collective - Logo
Enrico Cornuda – Minesweeper Collective – Logo

Some may recognise the Minesweeper Collective logo (above); an art laboratory where many artists hook-up, inspire & create. Image taken from Enrico’s sketchbook.

Enrico Cornuda - Completed Mural
Enrico Cornuda – Completed Mural

The completed mural and the weird and wonderful mind of Enrico Cornuda realised in paint-on-hoarding along Croydon’s Arts Quarter, not to be missed!

See more of his surreal character creations over on facebook.com/enrico.cornuda.

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