Croydon Fruit & Veg

Hound Dog Art - Croydon Fruit & Veg

If you use East Croydon Station you’ve probably walked past Croydon Fruit & Veg run by Jay for 8 years. It has become a street artists’ canvas featuring a mural on each of its three sides.

The artists include Morganizms, Eska Art and Hound Dog Geoff; their murals can be seen around the Arts Quarter (St. Georges Walk) and beyond.

Jay explained that having seen some of the murals around Croydon he approached the artists to brighten up his fruit & veg stall and he’s very happy with the results as it’s a bright and positive way to raise awareness and attention of his stall.


Jay - Croydon Fruit & Veg
Croydon Fruit & Veg – Jay

The next time you pass Croydon Fruit & Veg take a minute to appreciate the murals and thank Jay for offering his stall for the cause of Street Art in Croydon.


Update 14.10.2015

Over the weekend it looks like Eska and Morganizms have tweaked their Croydon Fruit & Veg murals as Eska’s has changed considerably and Morganizms has been added too, it looks more intricate than before. I encourage you to take a wonder beyond Croydons Arts Quarter to have a closer look at the fruit stand as Jay (owner) is very welcoming and proud of his little Arty Fruit & Veg stand!

Croydon Fruit & Veg - Eska
Croydon Fruit & Veg – Eska


Update 29.10.2015

Hound Dog Art has been busy again painting the ‘popular’ Croydon Fruit & Veg stall, check out the update

Hound Dog Art - Croydon Fruit & Veg
Hound Dog Art – Croydon Fruit & Veg

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