Femme Fierce Pt 2. Park Street & The Rest

Welcome back to part 2 of this Femme Fierce special today we will have a look at the final few pieces.

First up Park street with Maggio.

Let Love eat Us

This piece is called Let Love Eat Us this is a special piece to me as this was the first photo i ever took of the art in Croydon. The piece depicts what looks like a bird inhaling love hearts.

Moving along we get to Athena by Giusi Tomasello.


Depicting the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature this piece has had a interesting history it was vandalised and then repaired above is the original piece and below is the repaired work

Athena (Repaired)

I don’t know which one i like better the second one wins

Next we move to Artista


A fun piece which depicts Artista’s trademark pyramid man (the other being a toast man) trapped inside a bottle surrounded by many flowers thankfully this did not get vandalised but her pre Femme Fierce work did here is that Piece Below


We now go into ST George’s Walk This time to look at the three pieces of shutter art first up Mish


This simple blue and light blue fairground font surrounded by cherries and vines is Mish’s introduction to Croydon this was also vandalised

Next up Amara Por Dios


Amara paints mythical creatures with faces such as this one which depicts a greek medusa like figure fantastic use of colours

Next one is Titled YO! Croydon

Yo Croydon

Serving as a calling card for the Femme Fierce party this very simple but bright coloured design does exactly what it says on the shutter “Hey Croydon we are here” 🙂

Up into Katherine street we go for Georgie art

Jonnie Depp

Ok hands up who knows which celebrity this is if you said Johnnie Depp

then you are right (Sorry no prizes) this wonderful hommage to the pirates of the Caribbean star how this escaped the vandalism is beyond me

Ok Down into High Street we go

up next is Haz@rd One 


This striking gold tribal piece catches the eye Hazard really goes all out. This was a very long time stayer until august when Eska and Morgazmik painted a piece in its place the piece was vandalised but thankfully restored to its former glory

Moving along Vanessa Longchamp


Vanessa likes to use character with big hair this is another favourite of mine very simple but effective depicting a person which looks like she is asleep

Last but not least two more works one by Francesco Jacabello and the other i don’t know the artist


Depicting medusa in on a striking red background with multi coloured paper this piece was missed by the vandalism it can still be seen by Adam Green’s Art


So that’s the end for the Femme Fierce art showcase.


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