Illustre Feccia

Painted on Saturday on Katharine Street by Italian artist Illustre Feccia (Illustrious Scum) whose signature is Black & White surrealism and inspired by the Avant Garde, Romantics & Post Punk cultures (according to his bio found here).

I love using black and white with a base colour underneath.

The mural based on sketches and the theme Life and Death (this theme features throughout his work) is a Gothic illustration, hauntingly beautiful and striking. It is a first class example of the artist’s aesthetic and beliefs and on closer inspection the theme is seamingly more complex and open to interpretation perhaps even reincarnation with the tree a symbol of life growing through the skull and connecting with the surrealist head on the left.

Illustre Feccia - Finished Mural
Illustre Feccia – Finished Mural on
Katharine Street

I try to create an atmosphere where I make a contrast between the past (with a particular emphasis on historical events such as industrial revolutions) and current life in addition to sketching in some metamorphic subjects.

To find out more about the artist please visit and the Minesweeper Collective please visit

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