Femme Fierce PT.1 ST Georges Walk

Hello everybody for my introduction post let’s have a look at the work of these female artists that was completed in February over 25 works where created but sadly a lot of them fell victim to vandalism only a week later.

This Week ST Georges Walk

First up Amelia AKA Unity with dream


Unity’s piece Was based on the fairytale character the Little mermaid this was located in ST Georges Walk with plenty of purple & green this was one of the stand out pieces of Femme Fierce sadly this was one that fell victim to the vandalism this is still to this day one of my favourite works.

Next we have Anthea Missy


This very simple abstract piece reminds me a lot of a koi fish with the simple red green black and white colours that Anthea uses. She painted another work in park street where Fio Silva’s work is.

Moving along we have Mondi


This piece also was in ST Georges Walk next to Unity’s dream piece Mondi uses mythical creatures and people in her works the work depicted here shows two Egyptian winged creatures trapped inside a bubble.

Further up the wall we come to Dan Cimmermann


This Piece was next to Anthea Missy’s work this was a very unique piece titled What’s Your Religion? Dan has a very cool way of making art with paints and paper another example of his work can be found on segas house next to Morgan Davis’s work.

Moving up and opposite we come the Nomad Clan


Also known as Aylo & Cbloxx these two always paint together and hail from Manchester another stand out work depicting a eyeball catapulting into another humans hand unfortunately this piece suffered badly to vandalism

Up next is Float


This piece depicts a yellow red and blue snake like one you would find on a snakes and ladder board

The last 2 pieces at the top is Distant blue and kate Moss by Tegan Desporte and Lisart


Now we turn our attention to the lower side of ST Georges walk

Up First is a piece called balance by ELNO

balance_16430648100_oAnother stand out piece that was also vandalised here is the piece before it was vandalised and below the piece after it was repaired a few months later

Balance (Repaired)

Moving along we find SOS all you need is less

sos all you need is less

This brightly coloured work was one that was hit the worse by vandalism depicting a cassette tape and a mountain also a wigwam less is certainly more in this case later on in the month this was replaced by skyhigh.

Next is Sky High & Roo


This very funny piece which thankfully survived the vandalism and can still be viewed today depicts a person dressed up in what looks like a kangaroo suit surrounded by love hearts with the word ROO in the middle another favourite or mine. This artist is also responsible for the shark piece in Park Street

Next door to this is Theiu


Next to the All City shop we have thieus design which depicts what looks like a doctor examining a artichoke?? while a bemused person looks on opposite Theiu’s designs have humor written all over them.

Now opposite  we see a piece by Neonita


Get your sunglasses ready for this piece done in neon spray paint Neonita’s Designs are bright i mean very bright which can still be seen today it depicts a monster holding what looks like two teddy bears.

Next door to this is Pixie’s work


A good use of shapes and colours which make up a peacock

Up next is Fang’s work Peace & Love


What looks like a monster or a bird a very nice use of colours it lasted a very long time before being replaced in July.

Up next is a piece by Adbiano (Hope that’s right)


Simple and effective great use of colour depicting what looks like a spider woman surrounded by leaves another favourite of mine.

Last but not certainly not least is a piece by Pie


Very bright pinks on this one with a city background with two people with big hair this one was also vandalised here it is a few months later with different sides if you look closely you can still see the vandalism behind the middle piece.



So there we are wrapping up the first part of the Femme Fierce art as you have seen so many contrasting styles next week we will have a look at Park street and High street.


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