Amy Johnson – David Hollier Mural

Amy Johnson - David Hollier-2

David Hollier is a Brooklyn artist who’s style is part history lesson and part illusion you can see more of his incredible text/writing style paintings click the link below, oh and he was in Croydon painting this mural about Amy Johnson’s solo flight from Croydons Aerodrome to Australia in 1930.


Amy Johnson - David Hollier
Amy Johnson – David Hollier


Here is what it says:

England to Australia in thirteen days.

The idea obsessed my mind day and night.

The mere wish to fly to Australia in record time rapidly grew into a firm determination.

No-one had faith in me except myself and who could blame them?

I knew somehow that I could do it and it was up to me to prove it but the money – so much was needed.

Where could I find hundreds of pounds?

After many weary months of fortune hunting, two kind hearted English gentlemen joined heads to help me.

My Father and Lord Wakefield, their faith in me could never be repaid.

Now the rush begins it’s to be a race for the monsoons can I get through before they break?

In my diary May the fifth is ringed in red as the last day of which I can make a start.

In breathless haste I arrange my petrol and oil supplies, maps, tools and kit.

Ten days before I’m due to start I haven’t an aeroplane then I’m introduced to Jason.

A very ordinary machine but now a dear and valued friend.

In an incredibly short time he is prepared for his great task.

It is May 5th before he stands waiting for me on the tarmac of Croydon Aerodrome.

It is glorious to be off at last alone and in peace after the hurry and bustle of those last three weeks.

Now I have time to think where am I in bound for today?


Am I really to see this city of dreams.

No, only the aerodrome, never mind.

Flying is my job this trip not sightseeing.

Jason is a dear he’s behaving splendidly.

Look how he’s weathering this terrible dust storm.

Just outside Baghdad.

I’m very frightened really but Jason isn’t different lands flash by.

Here we are in India how proud my Jason was to reach here in six days.

But alas his pride was quickly dashed the monsoons raced us after all we were very disappointed but it was no use sitting down to cry.

Poor old Jason was so upset that he ran his nose right into a ditch in the wrong field when we were trying to find the race course at Rangoon.

But that was when we lost the chance of beating the record.

It took ten men and me two whole days and nights to put old Jason together again.

We cheered up a wee bit when the three arched rainbows circled us in the Java sea but it wasn’t until we actually sighted Australia.

That we were really happy.

Then we just shouted for joy how will Australia receive us?

That’s the only time we wondered.

Now we know she has taken us to her hearts given us of her best, such a welcome as will never be forgotten in history and Jason and I love her so!

Find out more about the artist here and his facebook page is here worth a look!

One thought on “Amy Johnson – David Hollier Mural

  1. Great paintings! This is the type of info that should
    be shared around the web. Disgrace on the search engines
    for not positioning this blog higher!

    Thank you =)


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