Morgan Davy

Morgazmik - Morgan Davy

A talented and prolific illustrator and artist from Croydon, Morgan Davy has done some exceptional murals around St. Georges Walk the “Arts Quarter”. The mural below can – as of 06.11.2015 – be found at Croydon Fruit & Veg (next-door to East Croydon Station) and is a good example of his naturally intuitive instinct for form and shape. He approaches all his walls completely freestyle.

“all of my creations are entirely improvised in the moment, with no planned sketch”

Morgan Davy

I think all good street artists try to emphasize or complement their surroundings somehow, or get inspired by some aspect of it and Morgan’s organic, colourful “freestyle” shapes are an excellent juxtaposition for St. Georges Walks 60’s utilitarian architecture and the streets of Croydon.

Moran Davy - Fruit & Veg Stall - E. Croydon Station
Morgandyart Croydon Fruit & Veg stall

The mural above is situated on a popular fruit stall next door to East Croydon Station on Dingwall Road and features a number of pieces by Morgan, Eska and Hound Dog Geoff.

Morgan Davy - Morgazmik
Morgan Davy – Morgazmik

This mural on Katharine House, was home to a rough sleeper for many weeks before moving him on and the Council boarding up the alcove preserving Morgan’s mural behind. The new mural (see gallery below) is still a work in progress so I asked Morgan recently when he intended to finish it, he implied he was saving it for a rainy day!

Morgan Davy & Vesna Parchet - Mindsweeper Collective
Morgan Davy & Vesna Parchet – Mindsweeper Collective

The Minesweeper Collective collaboration – at what used to be The Blue Orchid night club – between Vesna Partchet, Autone & Morgan has developed into one of my favourite murals in the Arts Quarter and is worth checking out!

You can find out more about the artist here or follow him here and check out his to keep up to date with his latest murals.


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