Ultimate Offense

Croydon's Urban Street Map

A Street or Graffiti Artist has been offered a 8″ x 6″ wall to paint on and asked to follow the house rules (paint during the day and tidy up), they are excited about their new project and quickly start sketching, planning their master piece. This process could take minutes, hours, days inspiration is a fickle beast! Once inspiration arrives and they’re happy with their concept they begin in ernest job done they stand back to admire and perhaps a few spectators congratulate them on their work.

Made In Croydon - MJ
Made In Croydon – MJ

Flash forward to a few weeks later and a tagger has vandalised their hard work, according to the rules compiled by iwillnotbeconsumed this is the ultimate offense writing over someone else’s work and the Graffiti Artists community might lack structure and cohesion for regular communication. Perhaps this artist work was deemed unsatisfactory and the taggers wanted to disrespect them?


  1. Graffiti writers usually use this as a derogatory term for new writers in the scene, or writers who are old to the scene and still do not have any skill or reputation. The act of “toying” someone else’s graffiti is to disrespect it by means of going over it (see “slash”/”going over”).

  2. An acronym meaning, “tag over your shit”.


Croydon News - MJ
Croydon News – MJ

Whatever the reason for destroying someone else’s work couldn’t they (the taggers) paint something clever and original. Hopefully the artist MJ isn’t deterred and either repairs the damage or starts again as always I looked forward to any changes to the murals around St. Georges Walk (the Arts Quarter).

Famously Banksy and Robbo (pioneering British graffiti artist) had a dispute over a King Robbo mural that Banksy painted over destroying a local landmark which stood undisturbed for 24 years read more here… The ultimate offense but cleverly done!


Update 17/08/2015

Meet Mick the guy with no experience in Graffiti or Street Art inspired to paint his first mural on Park Street as part of the Arts Quarter initiative repairing the damage done to Croydon News. He intends to replace the damaged mural with more news about Croydon and I look forward to the update.

Croydon News - Mick Repairing the damage
Croydon News – Mick Repairing the damage

This is what the Arts Quarter is about inspiring the local community to make their mark, it would be wrong to rely on the visiting professional to cover all the 64 available spaces and even if Mick’s mural isn’t as intricate as some of the murals around St. Georges Walk every artist starts somewhere why should it not be Croydon. I hope whom ever tagged over his previous efforts doesn’t return to the scene of the crime. Good luck Mick you are an inspiration!

Update 24/08/2015

The finished mural from Michael John Sales “Croydon’s Urban Street Map” subconscious thoughts on Croydon Council.

Croydon's Urban Street Map
Croydon’s Urban Street Map – Michael John Sales

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Offense

  1. I have done a painting over what’s left of the old one,it shows children playing war games with two sides against each other which is based about Syrian war and what can happen to them


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